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About Plush

Plush; /pləSH/ an adjective:
Richly luxurious;  Comfy, Casual, Fun
  Welcome to Plush.




Plush is the creation of three busy moms from three different generations who had a things or two in common. Aside from all being from Brooklyn and living New York’s fast paced life, they were tired of running the race of everyday life.


  In todays, busy world there comes a time of day when you just want to relax and feel comfy and cozy in the clothes you wear. . In craving a plusher lifestyle for themselves and their families, in the pursuit of all things comfortable, casual and fun;

Their brand Plush for Life was born.


Life and societies demanding  norms, and unrealistic standards set by the media and social networks, make just getting through some days a daunting task, what better then to come home to comfy, cozy, plush clothing? Knowing that self-love and self-care is so vital to being happy today, we specialize in incredibly soft fabrics and fun prints for you, your home and everyone in between.


 Annie Daniel owner and head of visual at Plush believes “It’s a good thing that people are starting to prioritize self-care now more than ever and fashion and being comfortable plays a big role in that” The concept behind this is that part of self-care and taking care of yourself and clearing your mindset also ties into how we not only look on the outside but how our clothes feel.


Debbie Mingrino owner and head of product and marketing feels that what you wear is often a reflection of how you feel. Garments that are soft and roomy can give a much needed and soothing feeling of coziness. Make your own style rules, be your own best friend by wearing the outfits that make you feel amazing and comfortable. Take care of yourself and BLISS will follow!


Charlotte Daniel owner and head of production feels that fashion has an “undeniable influence on our mental state”. Comfortable garments can “improve our mood, boost our confidence or help us get into a better mind set”. 


Next to their families (and LOVE of Brooklyn), they value being comfy, cozy and living a

PLUSH life more than anything else.


 Come join them, shop their collection, be PLUSH FOR LIFE......