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4 Health Benefits of Comfy Clothes


Many people don't realize that when you are uncomfortable, your entire body and brain can be affected. Think about the last time you were uncomfortable, and you'll probably see how aspects of your life were affected. Plush For Life offers the best comfy clothes for women that you'll love. Below, we'll take a look at four health benefits of comfy clothes. Shop online today! 

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Healthier for Your Skin

Wearing tight clothes that is constricting and causes chafing can damage your skin. It can cause rashes and make you more susceptible to other skin infections and conditions. When you wear comfy clothes, the pores on your skin will be able to breathe better, and thus look better, too.

4 Health Benefits of Comfy Clothes

Better For Your Organs

If you remember the times of corsets a few hundred years ago, many women suffered terribly from stomach ailments and digestive problems. Ulcers were common, as was heartburn. Comfy casual outfits help to ensure your body's internal organs are not constricted and limited in any way.

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You Can Breathe Better

Many of you may remember the movie Pirates of the Caribbean where the character Elizabeth couldn't breathe due to her tight clothing and she felt ill, passed out, and fell off the wall! When you wear comfortable outfits, your lungs will be able to expand all the way, getting more precious oxygen to your body, improving your brain and body functions considerably.

Reduces Pain

Most of us have worn tight shoes, jeans, dresses, shorts, swimsuits, and more. The result may have been pain in our feet, abdomen, waist, and other areas that may have lingered for a bit. With comfortable clothing, you can avoid any pain associated with your clothes.


Plush For Life was founded by three busy moms who wanted to offer stylish clothes that you could be yourself in. Designed for everyday wear, our comfortable clothes will ensure you are as healthy as you can be. Shop online today!

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